How to care for extended eyelashes to last longer

Updated: Feb 1

Long beautiful lashes are desired by almost every woman, Unfortunately not every single lady has strong beautiful natural lashes. Luckily it doesn’t have to be a reason to worry anymore as we have new opportunity for glamourous eyelashes.

One of them is Eyelash Extensions. Mink Soft and deep black lashes that is glue to one of our natural lashes.

Beside a set of eyelash extensions need to be taking care of daily and we will explain in few tips how to do it so your application last.

First of all we need to remember that extensions are also delicate and fragile as natural lashes, that’s why there is couple things we should be careful with.

We introduce few important rules .

Most important is to not touch or scratch them as much as possible. Constant touch might affect the glue which means that eyelashes could not last long as prevue. In first 24h to72h after the application we don’t recommend to wash them with water also to not get them wet. That’s why going sauna, swimming pool, steam rooms is not advised in first 3 days as the glue is still drying. We recommend to clean your eyes gently with cotton and micellar water, but still avoiding your eyelashes and eye lid so the glue can dry properly.

Next step is to clean them gently with special shampoo and eyelash brush.

Thanks to that we can safely clean all the dust or left over make up that stays in between lashes. Keeping them clean and tidy will make your natural lashes healthier. Beside also this process shouldn’t be that frequent as constant cleaning can cause them to fall out quicker. We recommend to clean them once-twiced a week.

While we cleaning eyelash extensions is important to not use any oily products as they affect the glue. We advise to clean them with products that mostly contains water. Also to keep in mind to avoid eye area while applying rich in oil daily creams/ products.

Another thing is to not apply mascara on them. You can apply mascara on lower part of eye but being careful with removing It afterwards still with no oil skin care products.

If you will apply all those rules to your daily eyelash care , we will guarantee at least 3 weeks long last.

Three and half weekly eyelashes regrowth in close-up

Eyelash infills is recommended every 3-4 weeks to maintain full beautiful volume look.

If you will decide to have a break from extensions , please keep in mind that your natural lashes could get weaker or even damaged if the application wasn’t done professionally. That’s why we advise to apply rich natural oils like castor oil with avocado, macadamia oil or argan oil after removing your extensions. They can be applied every day for 2 weeks and 2 weeks leave them to rest and start all over again the process. Supplements like biotin , vitamin B,D,A,E or omega 3 will help as well.

Here's our beautiful model after refilling 3,5 weeks eyelashes.

Dear Ladies, take care of your lashes extended and more importantly natural one.

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