Why choose a hybrid manicure

Updated: Feb 1

The main advantage of a hybrid💅 manicure is its durability. Base, varnish and top are cured under a UV lamp.


Thanks to this, they are very resistant to chipping and abrasion comparing to nail tips. Of course, the better we care about the nails, the longer the hybrid will stay on them, but even when performing ordinary activities, such as cleaning or washing, the varnish will not crack off easily.


That is why many 👰brides decide on a hybrid manicure on the day of the wedding. They do not have to worry about blemishes on their nails when they come to collect the piennies that will be showered in the church.


Hybrid manicure looks very natural, unlike nail tips or gel manicure, which creates a thick layer on the nails. A hybrid manicure, if done correctly (and especially removed!) Can be a great way to get your nails, because it protects them effectively by breaking and snapping. Varnishes come in huge palettes of colors, there are also many decorative methods that allow you to create and nail the real works of art.



If you go too far with decorations and you get an important meeting at work, hybrid manicure can be painted with ordinary varnish. And then wash it away! (The cleaner can not contain acetone)

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